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PCB's have been added for the mini-sumo, symet and Bicore walker robots

TomboT V2.

The new website is here! The new design has been created to address search engine issues, and general user friendly issues.


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dotHarold's BEAM bots - An Excellent site with some amazing robots

Welcome to my Site, TomboT - and the home of Liverpool Universities BEAM robotics

Tom Elner Welcome to my historic site - this was my website back in my Uni days which I have decided to reupload unmodified.
My name is Tom Elner, I am currently studying at The University of Liverpool for my computers and robotics degree. I am very passionate about building robots and have inspired my colleagues to do the same.

Myself and some friends have demonstrated to the University how simple robots can be built which provide an excellent learning platform, and as a result the University have changed the way they utilise their Year 1 lab sessions to include our robots.
From now on the year 1's start by building a simple Symet robot in their first lab session, they then move on to build a line following obstacle avoiding robot, this can take the form of a BEAM robot or a micro-processor controlled robot.

My year 2 university project, for which I won a best project of the year award for, was a light seeking walking hexapod robot, Queen Ant. Queen Ant walks and seeks light without the use of a single micro-processor, not a single line of human programming has been used, yet the 6 legs walk perfectly. I am currently working on my final year project, another hexapod, this one is a human heat seeking hexapod robot, R.A.D.A.R.

With this site I hope to inspire others to build BEAM robots, and offer a general reference point for anyone interested in them. Please feel free to ask questions via e-mail or in the forum.

On this site you will find:
  • Year Ones: Any problems with your projects, or need help with robot ideas? Let us know in the Forum
  • BEAM robot circuits - a comprehensive list of circuits including solar engines, and full robot circuits
  • My BEAM robots - walking robots, solar powered photopopper, sumobots, solar racers, headbots and more
  • University of Liverpool BEAM robot information
  • BEAM robot Tutorials and robot building tips
  • Javascript programs - including a handy resistor calculator, binary hexidecimal and denary converters, and Mastermind game
  • C - programming examples - also including a resistor calculator, hex converter, matrix program, and misc uni projects
  • Forum - chat about anything, ask questions about robots, seek help with uni work, tell jokes!

Symet BEAM robot  Police - mini sumo robot Headbot, Light seeking robot  Queen Ant Walking robot
A few of my BEAM robots

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